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Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Cyber Crime

The cyber world is really vast and cyber crime is the latest concern of the cyber world. Cyber crime is a sort of a conventional crime; the only difference is that both the subject and object constituting crime is computer. That is computer is a tool or target or both.
The ambit of cyber crime consists of any criminal act that uses computer as an instrument, or a target or a means to perpetuate the further crimes.

The list of cyber crimes is really long like:

  • Financial crimes
  • Pornography
  • Sale and purchase of illegal products
  • Cyber defamation
  • Online gambling
  • E-mail spoofing
  • Forgery
  • Cyber stalking
  • Intellectual property crime

The list of cyber crimes is really long like:

  • Illegal access to computer or computer systems or computer network
  • Theft of digital personal information
  • Salami attacks
  • Trojan attacks
  • Logic bombs
  • E-mail bombing
  • Web jacking
  • Internet time theft
  • Physically damaging the computer system
  • Theft of computer systems
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