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Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Cyber Security

Use of computers and Internet has increased manifold time recently. It has brought the whole world together making the life very easy and hassle free. Now everything is just a click away. But, one should not forget, even the most beautiful rose, is not free of thorns.
People are apprehensive making the use of Internet to make payments, reason being lack of trust. The theft of personal information, credit card fraud and spy ware restrains people to make use of Internet to release payments. All these limit the growth of Internet.
Making Internet secure or making efforts to secure information and security systems we can induce people faith in E-commerce.

The cyber security concerns three major heads, namely:

  • Threat to users wreaking identity thefts and virus.
  • Threat to business organizations due to vulnerability of their precious data.
  • Threat to public infrastructure like Financial Systems, Telecommunication Network, Emergency systems or Power Grid System.
This makes Cyber security very popular in today's scenario. Cyber security means making efforts to protect the information by detecting the threats and eliminating them timely, to avoid any inconvenience.

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