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Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Information Security

All institutions big or small have their databases, which is of great concern. The information may be regarding its employees, finances, products, customers or research. Generally, such information is stored on the computers.
For every company its information is of prime importance and thus, it stands a great risk of being misused, disrupted and disclosed to the competitors. The information stands the risk of falling into wrong hands and this could lead lawsuits, loss of business or even bankruptcy.
Information security is the part of Disaster and Risk Management. It should be the prime focus to try and secure the information and information systems. This is what is referred to as information security. The purpose of information security is to keep the valuable information confidential and integral.
To avoid such situations, professionals must be employed. They ensure the safety of the application and database security, network security, digital forensics science and security testing.

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