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Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

template flash ActiveDen – Power XML Template 2.0 – Original File (premium template flash)


* Liquid layout
* Fully resizable
* Content always aligned to the center of the stage.

Options that can be edited from the XML file:

* Main menu
* Submenu
* Small logo on the top bar
* Big logo in the center of the page
* Site name
* Site URL
* Webmaster’s email address
* Background audio file (compatibilty mode only
* Main Background (it can be a dynamic or static swf file, or an image)
* Ability to switch between different background colors at the touch of a menu button
* Footer’s text
* Address
* Background change switch
* Main Menu colorset
* Other background alpha

Options for each menu items

* Section name
* Content type
* XML file associated to the specific section
* Any submenus with name, content type and associate XML file
* Background Image or SWF

HTML module

* XML driven
* All Fonts are embedded
* Ability to enter html formatted text with your own stylesheet
* Ability to enter images and links
* View in a window and scrollbar (if needed) with tween and mouse wheel enabled

NEWS module

* XML driven
* Unlimited News
* Big news display at mouse click
* Html formatted text with his own CSS file
* All Fonts are embedded
* Multiple use allowed
* Mouse wheel enabled

TEAM module

* XML driven
* Unlimited people
* Html formatted text with his own CSS file
* Mouse wheel enabled
* Multiple use allowed

cekidot aja kk sebelum di remove

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